Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Christchurch - Priory and Mill
While down at Stonehenge (more on this to follow shortly with a press release on Sept. 11th) I managed to spend a morning with an old friend, Peter Fenning, helping out with some local archaeological sites in Christchurch.  In particular, we ran a frequency domain electromagnetic survey over the grounds around Christchurch Priory.  For this we were using the CMD Explorer with gps positioning.  Initial results were very promising with what looks like a signature for the main site well showing up as a very strong anomaly.
The figure above is for the deep conductivity (down to 6m).  We still have to process the data and integrate it with the rest of the site information so more to follow later.  In the mean time follow the Christchurch group at: http://christchurchantiquarians.wordpress.com/blog/

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