Thursday, 16 January 2014

Seismic Data, Orkney

Previous Rising Tides Geophysics Results
Over the past couple of years we have been collecting bathymetry and sub-bottom seismic information from the Bay of Firth and Loch of Stenness.  These give us the first hint at palaeo-landscapes. 
Bathymetry in Bay of Firth showing deep inner basin
 The bathymetry information was acquired using a SEA Swathplus 468kHz sonar deployed on our department boat, Envoy and also on my specially adapted Zego Boat.  The sub-bottom information was acquired with a Sesistec Boomer system in the Bay of Firth and using a Tritech SeaKing Parametric Sonar on Loch of Stenness.

The results allow us to target areas of the seafloor that are rock and those of sediment.  The rock areas are investigated by ROV (remotely operated vehicle) or diver and the sediment by coring

Section of bathymetry from Loch of Stenness near Brodgar World Heritage Site

Sub-bottom profiles through stone features and sediment sequences in Stenness

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